For interviews and any other press inquiries please contact:

Carsten Berg
ECI Campaign Coordinator
[email protected]

ECI Campaign press releases:

First European Citizens’ Initiative in History to Reach 1 Million Supporters Despite Legal and Technical Barriers – 10.02.2013

Europe’s first experiment with transnational participatory democracy – 29.03.2012

ECI Campaign welcomes the approval of the ECI Regulation – 05.12.2010

AVAAZ support the ECI Campaign and launches petition for a usable citizens’ initiative – 25.11.2010

European Parliament can still prevent Member States from weakening the ECI – 29.09.2010

Council retains ID number requirement for ECI despite EDPS objections – Now up to the Parliament to save the ECI – 16.06.2010

ECI Campaign in the media:

“Citizens Initiative risks being strangled by EU commission” – EUobserver – 22.06.12

“IT problems hinder first EU citizen’s petitions” – EurActiv – 15.06.2012

“EU rejects first citizen’s petition, on nuclear power” – EurActiv – 13.06.2012

“(In)Direct Democracy: Giving People a Say in the European Union” – SPIEGEL Online – 04.05.2012

“Hürdenlauf gen Brüssel” – Süddeutsche Zeitung – 01.04.2012

“Von unten nach oben” – Der Tagesspiegel – 30.03.2012

“Hohe Hürden für EU-Bürgerbegehren. Gute Idee, schwierige Umsetzung” – – 07.05.2011

“MEPs look to make it easier to launch citizens’ initiatives” – European Voice – 03.11.2010

“Europe Turns Ear Toward Voice of the People” – The New York Times – 22.07.2010