ECI “One of Us” rejected by the European Commission

June 1, 2014 News

The European Commission has rejected the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘One of Us’. After having met with the organisers of the initiative on 9th April and organizing a public hearing in the European Parliament on 10th April, the Commission has decided not to submit a legislative proposal, given that Member States and the European Parliament have only recently discussed and decided EU policy in this regard. The citizens’ committee of ‘One of Us’ expressed “deep disappointment” in the decision, which it characterized as a “veto” that is “contrary to ethical and democratic requirements.” Moreover, the committee said the European Commission’s decision is likely to be appealed before Luxembourg’s Court of Justice, where the laws recognize respect for human life from conception.

‘One of Us’ which sought to ban EU funding for research and other activities that destroy human embryos is the most successful ECI in terms of number of collected signatures. They managed to collect 1,897,588 signatures.

In the view of The ECI Campaign, the ECI rules need to be clarified here in so far as any successful ECI should at least lead to a legislative proposal by the European Commission which would then go to the European Parliament and Council. Only then it is guaranteed that the ECI proposal is properly discussed and at adequate level.

“This successful ECI makes clear that citizens want to make use of participatory democracy at EU level, however, the new ECI instrument must become more binding and fine-tuned in order to really strengthen the urgently needed democratication of the EU”, sais Carsten Berg, General Coordinator of The ECI Campaign.